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Guilin Golden Eagle Latex Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is the first latex professional technical company in China, specialized in latex product production, production training, equipment design, process design, manufacture and installation of equipment, enterprise management consulting. In the year 2012, Golden Eagle is elected the vise chairman unit of China Rubber Industry Association Latex Branch, and at the same time, Mr. Huarong Cao, the general manager, is elected the vise chairman of China Rubber Industry Association Latex Branch. We have the right to operate foreign trade. The leading members of the company are all the influential figures in the domestic latex trade, including many senior engineers and engineers in latex product production, process technology, equipment design, and enterprise management, who have a wealth of practical working experiences and problem-solving skills.

Under the leadership of the general manager Mr. Huarong Cao, after years of hard work, the company has made many showpiece projects in China, and enjoyed a considerable popularity and reputation in latex trade. Golden Eagle has a very strong specialized technical team in latex factory overall design&planning, production process, equipment design, equipment manufacturing and installation,and production training.  

Over the past ten years, we have designed, made and installed, all around China, more than 150 production lines of condoms, medical gloves, nitrile gloves, labour protection lined latex-dipped gloves, and condom dry type electric testing machines. We have exported complete set of medical glove production lines to many countries in Middle Asia, and condom dry testing machines to Thailand, Iran etc. We have successfully made a survey and mapped and drawn into from Japan the oil-resistant labour protection glove production line, thermal sensitive latex labour protection glove production line, and shockproof labour protection glove production line for a famous labour protection lined glove production company in China, and creates good economic benefits for this company. We have provided technical services for more than 30 latex product production companies in China, including famous companies and newly-founded ones, We obtains consistent high praise from them.

Guilin Golden Eagle Latex Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the business philosophy "Golden Eagle aims lofty&far-reaching", and has always been in persistent pursuit of innovation breakthrough, and keeping pace with the times. We are in a leading position in the industry in the process layou of production line, equipment structure design, material selection and many other aspects, such as the research and design of condom water release, beading machine design of medical glove production line, cycle of heated air and stage drying design of latex drying oven and vulcanization oven, research and design of mold washing, cycle design of latex tank, research of condom dry testing machine and so on. All these research and design, which are closely related to the product quality, have been fully tested in practice.

Experience has proved that the complete equipment set of condom production line and medical glove production line developed and manufactured from Golden Eagle are in the most advanced technology level in the trade. The equipment stability, reliability, advanced properties, and durability are favored by most latex product production companies in China.